Sauce Butter Chicken 2.2Lt Btl
$ 1.31 per 100 Ml / $ 13.18 per Lt

KNORR Patak's Butter Chicken is a Simmer Sauce. It_̣å?_å__Ì_s a rich, sweet, butter flavoured sauce with smoky barbeque hints of traditional Tandoori cooking. KNORR Patak_̣å?_å__Ì_s is made using traditional ingredients & spices, it_̣å?_å__Ì_s made to authentic classic Indian recipes. It enables anyone to create traditional dishes at restaurant quality. Sauce is ready-to-use; no preparation required. Simply Add meat, chicken, seafood or vegetables to create the perfect Indian curry. Use as a dressing for sandwiches, burgers or wraps _̣å?_å__å¢ or use as a topping for pizza. Serve with Basmati rice, Pappadums & Naan bread. Sauce is FREEZABLE.

Shelf-Life (Manufacturer): 2 years
Shelf-Life (After Opened): 3 days, OR FREEZE