Filo Chicken Bacon & Herbs 6x200gr Tray *

$ 2.57 per 100 Gr / $ 25.74 per Kg

Whole chicken tenderloin with chopped bacon, enfolded in a creamy homemade white sauce. Wrapped in layers of golden filo pastry.

Helen_̣å?_å__Ì_s products are handmade with the finest ingredients, then pre-cooked and snap-frozen to retain maximum freshness. So it_̣å?_å__Ì_s only fair that you re-heat with care! For the best results, we recommend the following freezing, defrosting and heating methods. Your effort will be rewarded.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Store at -18_å»_c or below for up to 10 months.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ We highly recommend keeping products in their original boxes.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ For best quality, place individual products in freezer bags then return to original box.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ If unable to keep products in original boxes, individually wrap items in freezer bags or cling film.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Move products into cold room/refrigerator (4_å»_c) to defrost overnight. Do not refreeze.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Remove freezer bags and return product to boxes. This will prevent condensation, which causes items to become soggy.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ If box has been discarded, or to defrost products/portions individually, transfer items to a plate and cover with cling wrap.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ If storing defrosted products in a cold room, it is recommended to cling wrap each item on a plate. This will prevent products from becoming dry. Otherwise place items in display cabinet.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Large Products may require 2 days to defrost.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Remove plastic wrap from Large Products and return to original box and place in coldroom/ refrigerator to defrost. Any excess water will be absorbed by the cardboard box.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ If space is too limited to fit the box, remove plastic wrap from Large Product and place in a separate dish with an absorbent paper towel underneath.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Strain away any residual water before displaying.
All products are pre-cooked so it_̣å?_å__Ì_s just a matter of re-heating items. Helen's products can be heated in a Microwave or Oven.

Microwave Tips
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ For fast serving, we recommend heating items in a microwave.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Cook on a low heat for a prolonged period of time.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Ensure product reaches core temperature of 70_å»_c.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Allow products to stand for 1 minute.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ To give pastry products a crispy finish, place in the oven or under a grill for 10_̣å?_å__å¢30 seconds, after microwaving.

Oven Tips
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Preheat oven to 180_å»_c.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ Place defrosted items on baking paper to prevent sticking to trays.
_̣å?_å_åÊ_ As a general rule of thumb _̣å?_å__å¢ heat products for about 15_̣å?_å__å¢40 minutes depending on product size.

Note: Heating Helen_̣å?_å__Ì_s European Cuisine Products from frozen is not recommended.