Pantry Packer Family Choice Box

An assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables which includes the following:

*mandarins may be substituted with oranges when not in season

Apples (Royal Gala) 1Kg Carrots 1Kg Bag
Bananas 5 Cauliflower 1
Grapes Seedless (Red) 500Gr Cucumbers (Lebanese) 2
Kiwi Fruit 3 Lettuce (Iceberg) 1
Mandarins 4 Mushrooms (Button) 200Gr
Oranges 4 Onions (Brown) 4
Pears (Packham) 4 Potatoes (Large) 1Kg
Strawberries 1 Punnet Snow Peas 150Gr
Avocados 2 Sweet Potatoes 2
Broccoli 1 Head Tomatoes (Gourmet) 6
Capsicum (Red) 1 Zucchini 3