Cleaner Kitchen Degreaser 5Lt  *

$ 0.38 per 100 Ml / $ 3.81 per Lt

High-foaming, market leading food service degreaser that emulsifies animal fat, grease and grime from floors, equipment and walls. Safe to use on all washable hard surfaces, rinses free to leave no residue or film. Colourless and perfume free. Ideal for cleaning kitchen filters, extraction hoods above stoves. Excellent for removing body fats and soap scum from shower cubicles and baths. Always use with hot water.

Directions for Use: For general cleaning: dilute 1 part product in 30 parts hot water in a bucket and use a mop, scrubbing brush or cloth to wash surfaces. Leave solution on surface for 5 minutes before rinsing with hot water. For heavy soiling dilute 1 part product to 5 parts hot water. To clean soiled equipment such as exhaust hood gratings add 2 cups of product to a sink-full of hot water. Immerse item for 5 minutes then agitate and rinse with hot water.

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