Beef Mince 4 Star 90cl 1Kg

$ 0.89 per 100 Gr / $8.92 per Kg

Great for burgers, meatballs, pies and pasties and so much more.
90cl = 90% lean red beef / 10% fat

**Please be advised that our beef mince is packed FRESH in a cryovac bag the day that your order is dispatched. We DO NOT gas flush and pack on trays (as the supermarkets do) nor do we inject our meat products with any colour additives. It is these processes that make the mince at supermarkets appear to be vibrant red and perhaps look to be of a higher quality than they actually are. Our mince may appear brown in its cryovac pack when received as a result of the oxygen that remained in the bag at the time of packing, and the high blood content may also give our fresh mince a stronger odour than what you may be accustomed to with other store-bought mince. We stand behind the quality of our meat products and welcome any questions or concerns you may have **