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Pantry Packer proudly support Kickstart for Kids

Can you imagine starting each day with no breakfast? So many children do, and if it wasn't for Kickstart for Kids there would be thousands more.

Pantry Packer is delighted to partner with Kickstart for Kids. Kickstart for Kids is a charitable organisation that ensures school children start their day with a healthy breakfast, as a child's health and well-being is directly related to their social inclusion and school grades.

For Kickstart for Kids to be able to continue their work on an ongoing basis they need your help! As you can imagine Kickstart for Kids goes through a huge amount of breakfast products every day and there is a constant need for items such as Jam, Vegemite, Margarine and Fresh Fruit. The great news is that Pantry Packer has now made those items available for you to donate.

Donating to Kickstart is easy. Simply select any of the products on the "Kickstart for Kids" product page that you would like to donate and we will deliver those products directly to Kickstart on your behalf. There are also gift voucher donations available so that Kickstart can select their own products to purchase as needed.

Pantry Packer proudly supports Kickstart for Kids. Make direct food donations.

All donations can make a massive impact in a child's life and are greatly appreciated. We thank you for your support.

For more information on Kickstart for Kids please visit the Kickstart for Kids website.




 Pantry Packer proudly supports Cancer Council SA                         

Be sure to note "Cancer Council SA" in the "Payback" field prior to checkout to have 5%* of your orders donated to Cancer Council SA.

*For further details on the "Payback" scheme please refer to the  Pantry Packer Payback page



Pantry Packer  proudly supports Anglicare SA