Welcome to Pantry Packer

Where you can BUY BIG and SAVE BIG…and now FUNDRAISE BIG!
By sharing Pantry Packer with your club, kindy, school, charity or other organisation, we will donate 5% from each order placed by a community member directly back to the organisation of choice.
Simply register your organisation with Pantry Packer and once approved, the organisation will be assigned an identification code.  This identification code is then noted during checkout (see screenshot below), and each time a community member shops with us 10% of the order amounts will be credited back to the organisation quarterly in the form of a cheque or Pantry Packer vouchers - it's your choice! Distribute the code to everyone in your community and the more everyone spends the greater the "Payback" for your organisation.
Remember, for shopping with us Pantry Packer customers receive:

  •  Free Delivery for orders over $50* 
  • $10 Referral Reward gift certificate for each friend referred to Pantry Packer that becomes a member and places an order (They’ll receive a $10 gift certificate as well!)*
  • 10% of order values donated back to your Pantry Packer endorsed organisation**         


It's a win-win for everyone, so register your organisation, get your code, and start dishing out some sweet PAYBACK where YOU SPEND & WE GIVE! 

To register your organisation simply email your details to support@pantrypacker.com.au

Happy Shopping!

The Pantry Packer Team


 *Free Delivery terms and conditions apply~ refer to our FAQ page for further information

**Orders using a discount/promo code are not eligible and will not be included in the quarterly sales figures. Sales values do not include any shipping charges applied to orders. Quarterly payback amount must equate to $50 or greater in order for us to process payment (this is due to administration costs). Otherwise, for all Payback amounts less than $50 a Pantry Packer voucher will be issued for use.



Checkout Screen Example - Where to Enter Your Payback Code: