To say thank you for your loyalty shopping with Pantry Packer we would like to offer you the opportunity of being rewarded a $50 voucher on every sixth* order with us.

As of 27/01/15, simply spend $100 or more in a single order transaction* and after the fifth order we will issue you a $50 voucher to use on a future order. The card above (which can be copied and printed) will help you track your orders too!

We look forward to you spending your first $50 voucher.

Happy Shopping!

Your Team at Pantry Packer

*To be eligible, a single order must meet the $100 minimum spend. This amount is inclusive of any discounts that have been applied to the order, exclusive of any shipping charges applied to the order, and is also exclusive of any payment amount made with a gift card or voucher issued by Pantry Packer for promotional purposes, as a prize, etc. Entertainment Book membership purchases not eligible and not included in order tallies. Orders placed prior to the launch of the Loyalty Rewards program (27/01/15) are not eligible.
After 5 independent orders which each meet this criteria have been placed on your user account we will issue you a $50 voucher. Reports are run to judge order eligibility criteria every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, and eligible customers will receive their $50 vouchers the following week.