Welcome to Pantry Packer

Your online grocery store where fundraising is made easy!               

We are delighted to be able to offer organisations some great fundraising suggestions, especially for fundraising drives. Forget the Lamingtons as Pantry Packer has so much more.

Pantry Packer stocks over 2000 products including dry goods, chilled, frozen and even cleaning products too so you may like to select your own products to turn into fundraising drives.

We even offer a 10% Payback scheme. Your members, school or community group simply enter an approved “payback” code (issued by Pantry Packer) during the checkout process. Then at the end of each quarter 10% of all orders using your code will be given back to you in the form of a cheque, directly deposited to a bank account of your choice, or paid out in Pantry Packer vouchers. It’s that easy.

We welcome all of your questions, suggestions and ideas so please email or call us!            

Ph: 08 7088 5954

E: support@pantrypacker.com.au