Please refer to the Delivery/Shipping Information page for further information.


Why am I getting an error message at checkout stating delivery options cannot be found?
This can be for one of two reasons: 

  1. You are noting a post code and suburb different than what you noted when entering the website. If your DELIVERY suburb and post code are not available when you ENTER the website this would indicate we do not service that area, therefore if you note an area that is not covered during checkout the system will give you this error message.
  2. There is an error somewhere when noting the suburb and post code combination. Our system has a list of possible suburb and post code combinations that it uses to find your noted delivery area - so if it does not find an exact match to what you have entered it will result in this error message. Check the following to rectify this issue:
    • make sure there are no empty spaces appearing after the suburb you've typed in
    • make sure that there are no non-alphabetic characters noted in the suburb (such as - or ' or . etc.)  
    • does your suburb include "north", "south", "east", or "west" in the name? Try using both variations - such as "Brighton East", or "East Brighton"
    • Type out full words, do not use abbreviations. Try typing "Mount Mary" instead of "Mt Mary"
    • Make sure you have entered the correct post code for your suburb


Can I cancel my order?
Orders can be cancelled and refunded up until the selected products have been shipped.  


Do you have store locations where I can purchase products directly or pick up an order?
Unfortunately no - orders cannot be picked up as we do not have any "stores" that can be accessed. All orders are dispatched directly from the warehouse closest to your delivery location.

Why do out of stocks and/or substitutions appear on my invoice when all items were available when I placed my order?
The items on Pantry  Packer are products that are always purchased by the business and stocked in most of our despatch centres. 

  • Out of stocks: Products can only be picked once the order has been processed and payment is received in full.  It is at this stage out of stocks will be reconciled.   If you purchase a product and it becomes out of stock before your order is picked and packed  you will not be charged for it – a partial refund will be issued to your credit card for the out of stock goods and quantities.
  • Substitutions: In the event that the product you have ordered is not available, yet a comparable product is, we may substitute the ordered product so that we may complete your order. If we do not have a comparable product available to use as a substitution for an out of stock product we will issue a refund for the out of stock product that was ordered.

What is the Pantry Packer returns policy?
Your online shop is an ecommerce portal which is provided and managed by All shipping and product returns are the responsibility of either Pantry Packer or the customer. In the event of a return Pantry Packer will work directly with the customer in relation to this.

Why is the product shelf life reduced by the time I receive it?
The product shelf life commences from the date any product is manufactured.  There is no guarantee that any product will have its full shelf life intact by the time it reaches the Pantry Packer warehouse.  This occurs as products will generally be kept at the manufacturer’s warehouse for an unknown amount of time before being despatched to us or any other distributor.  

I have forgotten my password. How can I have it reset?
Go to the Sign In page and then click on the "Recover password" link, enter your email address then click “Send request”. An email will then be sent to the email address provided with a link to reset your password.

How do I use my discount code or gift card?
Discount codes and gift card numbers should be entered in the "Gift card or discount code" field during chekout, in the order summary section, as seen below. Be sure to click the "apply" button after you've entered your code for the discount to apply.     

Can I use multiple discount coupon codes during check out?
Only one discount code can be applied per order. 

Is the Pantry Packer Entertainment book discount included in all current versions of the Entertainment books?
No. The Pantry Packer discount appears in only a few of the printed book versions, but it also appears in the digital membership version in many areas as well. Once you've purchased your 2015/2016 Entertainment membership (either the book or the digital version) you may log into your Entertainment account online via their website to see which discounts apply to your area.
     **Please note that the Entertainment discount of 15% cannot be combined with any other discount codes and offers**

How does referral rewards work?
If you are an existing Pantry Packer customer (with a minimum spend of$50* on your account ) and refer a friend to the site who in turn signs up and places an order valued at $50+*, both of you will receive a $10 gift voucher^.

How do I receive my referral reward gift voucher?
Reports are manually run to review Referral Reward eligibility every 2-3 weeks and gift vouchers for eligible individuals will be sent directly to the email address on file for those accounts. 

*order total must reach minimum $50 spend after any discounts and/or gift cards are applied and does not include any shipping charges
^Referral rewards will not be issued for referrals to individuals within the same household/delivery address

How does Pantry Packer Payback work?
Pantry Packer Payback allows Pantry Packer customers the opportunity to support a kindy, school, club or charity of their choice.  5% of a customer's total order value (after any discounts are applied, and not including shipping charges) will be reimbursed to their chosen organisation provided it is a Pantry Packer endorsed organisation.  Each organisation will be given their own identification code from Pantry Packer and this code will need to be noted in the appropriate field during checkout by the customer so that rebates can be applied.  The 5% total is then linked to that code and tallied for processing at the end of each quarter as agreed between Pantry Packer and the endorsed orginisation.This quarterly amount is then paid directly back to the endorsed organisation.

How do I obtain an endorsed organisations identification code?
To obtain the identification code to be used during checkout you can contact Pantry Packer by calling 08 8154 5354 or by sending an email to

How does my organisation become a Pantry Packer endorsed organisation?
Contact Pantry Packer to register your organisation by emailing your details to

What does the * mean next to the products?
Items marked with * next to the product title are inclusive of GST. All other items are GST free products.

How do I get in contact with Pantry Packer?

Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch with us.